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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories

Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories Collection By Rex Collings.

This is a book to be read by a blazing fire on a winter's night, with the curtains drawn close and the doors securely locked. The unquiet souls of the dead, both as fictional creations and as 'real' apparitions, roam the pages of this haunting new selection of ghost stories by Rex Collings. Some of these stories are classics while others are lesser-known gems unearthed from this vintage era of tales of the supernatural. There are stories from distant lands - Fisher's Ghost by John Lang is set in Australia and A Ghostly Manifestation by 'A Clergyman' is set in Calcutta. In this selection, Sir Walter Scott (a Victorian in spirit if not in fact), keeps company with Edgar Allen Poe, Sheridan Le Fanu and other illustrious masters of the genre."

Some stories are interesting & engaging some, well not so much.
Some are classic unforgettable Litature, like the "telltale heart" & others Are bitter sweet like "Phemie's Story".
All in all it was quite a good read, & there defiantly was not a "hauntly" part in the whole thing, in fact majority if not all the book is quite "Ghost Free"... but if you chance to come across a copy in a second hand book shop maybe, give it a go. You might be surprised. Io

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