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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories

Classic Victorian & Edwardian Ghost Stories Collection By Rex Collings.

This is a book to be read by a blazing fire on a winter's night, with the curtains drawn close and the doors securely locked. The unquiet souls of the dead, both as fictional creations and as 'real' apparitions, roam the pages of this haunting new selection of ghost stories by Rex Collings. Some of these stories are classics while others are lesser-known gems unearthed from this vintage era of tales of the supernatural. There are stories from distant lands - Fisher's Ghost by John Lang is set in Australia and A Ghostly Manifestation by 'A Clergyman' is set in Calcutta. In this selection, Sir Walter Scott (a Victorian in spirit if not in fact), keeps company with Edgar Allen Poe, Sheridan Le Fanu and other illustrious masters of the genre."

Some stories are interesting & engaging some, well not so much.
Some are classic unforgettable Litature, like the "telltale heart" & others Are bitter sweet like "Phemie's Story".
All in all it was quite a good read, & there defiantly was not a "hauntly" part in the whole thing, in fact majority if not all the book is quite "Ghost Free"... but if you chance to come across a copy in a second hand book shop maybe, give it a go. You might be surprised. Io

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Covers: The Wolf's Mate Series.

As you probably know I'm a Big Fan of R.E Butlers Series The Wolfs Mate & I'm super excited about there new covers by Ramona Lockwood....arent they Hot!
But I do have to say I'll always love the previous covers done by Kameko.. Two very talented ladies indeed!

To find out more visit R.E's Blog Here

Book Release: Ward 3.

Ward 3 by Carole Wood.

After suffering a recent loss Matt Lindsey, a psychology student takes a placement in Fortraven Psychiatric Hospital. Over the following nine weeks he discovers all is not as it seems. He becomes concerned for the welfare of a patient named Abby after a string of violent, strange incidents occurs. Everyone in the hospital is in danger. Can he help them before it's too late?

Get Your Copy From Amazon: Here

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guest Reviewers Wanted!

As part of my "Lace's Blog-tastic Week of Bookness" I've decided to have some guest reviewers & I would love for you guys to join in!
If you want to be a "Guest Reviewer" please let me know ASAP

Cheers Lace. Xx

Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: The Heat.

The Heat (The Big Bad Wolf #1)
By Heather Killough-walden.

Lily St James returns to her home town Baton Rouge in Louisiana & quickly falls back in love with her high school crush the tall, handsome & arrogant Daniel Kane. Lily is suddenly swept of her feet when she discovers she's a werewolf dormant who has two strong alpha weres wanting her as there mate.

The Heat wasn't particularly good nor was particularly bad it was just ok. Some parts I liked & others I didn't, a part of me wanted to give it 4 stars a different part 2 so I thought I'd go smack in the middle with 3 stars.

The Plot was slightly interesting & had me guessing. So all in all its ok but nothing special!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Dreams of Darkness.

Dreams of Darkness by Barry James.

Jordan Hanson is having a bad day,ok the worst bad day in the history of the world, he just doesn't know it yet.
I was pleasantly surprised with dreams of darkness, from the Synopsis & the genre I thought it was just going to be a run of the mill horror novel but it turned out to be so much more. I also really enjoyed a male point of view, from both the character & author for a change.
Barry has done a wonderful job at bring this story to life , with such a complex plot & characters you would think you'd be weighted down or be utterly confused but I never was!
I really can't put into words how much I enjoyed it with out blabbering like a fool, so I'll simply say the plot, the Characters, the writing where all superb, if your into horror, urban fantasy or paranormal its a must read! Hopefully there's a second but at the same time hopefully not because this book stands strong on its own.

Barry's Website: Here

Monday, September 17, 2012

Book Release: Bond of Brothers.

Bond of Brothers by R.E. Butler.
Wiccan-Were-Bear Series. Book 4#

Fairy Shaylee saves a dying were-bear, kindling a red-hot love affair between the two. But a brother's love threatens their happiness. Can she bridge the gap between them or will choosing both be the end of it all? This story contains a pissed off fairy, a were-bear that doesn’t want to share, over-protective mates, a sacrifice of blood and flesh that will melt your heart, and m/f/m interaction.

Butler's Website: