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Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Awakening The Nightmare

Awakening The Nightmare (Symmetria Series Book 1#)
By Laine Malone.

I just have to start this review with...WOW total wow the synopsis & that god awful Cover explain little to nothing about the pure awesomeness that hides within awakening the nightmare.

I really was hooked from the first chapter. You immediently get intrigued & pulled into this dark & mysterious world with weres, Ghosts, fae, Demons & vamps!

Each character is engaging I can truly say I didn't dislike any off them, I may hate some but at the same time loved them for their devious & evil nature. Even tho not Nicoli & Cory were the main chracters, the secdonary chracters even tho brief had some memorable & left me wanting more!

I could write & write all day about each chracter, but I doubt that would work out well so here's my three favs:

Cory ~
I havent ever read a heroine who was so captivating, strong, stubborn, loyal, mysterious & willful. (who I've been girl crushing on her ever since)

Nicoli (Nick) ~
Nick was the perfect vamp hero, he was sexy, pig headed, protective, loyal, stubborn & caring.

Edge ~
Obviously I wasn't the only one how fell for this pierced & tattooed up demon with a killer sense of Humour & overwhelming sex appeal!... I don't think I'll be the last either.

The writing was second to none especially for such a young authors first book, there was the perfect mix of mystery, romance, sex, fighting & friendship which most seasoned authors have difficulty balancing.

I Can't wait for more books I wanna know more about every character!...Please do yourself a big favor & buy this book you won't be disappointed!
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