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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: The Souls Mate:Found.

The Soul's Mark FOUND.
By Ashley Stoyanoff.

"You Can Not Run From Destiny"

The Souls Mate:FOUND Has made me fall in love with vampires again, I'm still having a love/hate relationship with YA novels but hey I'm super happy because I haven't read a good (non adult) vamp novel since twilight, I'm more of a shifter kinda girl but I read the synopsis then I was hooked, I just had to read it & it didn't disappoint it actually got me quite addicted & I'm soooooooo hoping there's more in the series!...no more like demanding more in the series at least more of Eric.

There's not much to put down that synopsis hasn't already said So I'll just give my honest opinion. :)

The Book started off really great, The characters were engaging & enjoyable. Even tho you knew what was happening early on, you still wanna know more.
I was defiantly going 5 stars but towards the middle near end I became confused then that confusion turned to annoyance. **Spoiler**This was about the time Amelia went to the physic, I really had little understanding of what was going on & then felt like everything the physic said (I forgot her name) was simply to fill up some space or give way for the more serious part of the novel**spoiler**

The book was written in third person but was set solely on Amelia the female lead which became frustrating I wanted a greater understanding of the characters & their interactions with each other.

while I'm at it I do have one more winge There's no Sex!...I'm not talking Erotica Its YA so that's not gonna happen but for a relationship to blossom & be realistic There's needs to be a bit more sexual love/hate tension to make it more believable, basically When you don't know wether you want kiss them or punch them

The Heroine:
Amelia was a fresh take on a female lead..if only for her curly locks (I'm naturally curly so I love lead females that are too... Crazy I know but it makes her more relatable) Strong & Confident just want a female lead Needs to be but she was also stubborn, emotional & not Submissive! (Thank God!)

The Hero:
Mich the Male lead was a bit over protective & dare I say it possessive ( but not to the extreme some books take it).
His ridiculously hot & despite his faults his a compassionate & loving character.

The Hottie:
Eric....omg his not a total lead but as you probably guessed already I'm in love! His just the kinda guy I go for insanely hot, with Crazy Hair (mmmmmmm), maybe not the smartest guy around but with a heart of gold & a wicked sense of humor!

The Ending was the perfect mix, in a way it was what I expected but at the same time I was surprised.

All in all it was a great book with a great story line plot & characters, it's just could of been so much more.
Ashley did a great job & like I said before I really hope fore more books.

(Update-ish Ashley has recently expended this novel & hopefully made a couple of changes around the end, I'm planning on reading it really soon & will have my "updated" review up ASAP)

Ashley's Website: Here

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