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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Moon Trilogy C.L Bevill

Moon Trilogy.
By C.L Bevill

 ~3.5 Stars ~

Black Moon:
Donovan is a werejaguar warrior for the werecat clan who's spying on there enemy the evil whitelaws, a werewolf clan who love money & murder.Isabella is a special librarian for a secret committee who's job is to protect the human race. The Story starts of interesting & very promising but loses it towards the middle & then kinda cuts short at the end. Which is a shame because I really wanted to get into this book but just couldn't. As with most free books you get what you pay for. Action, Semi Romance, a bit of a plot with lust = Black Moon. All in all ok but not great.

Amber Moon:
Mirie an agent of the secretive committee is assigned to stalk...I mean observe a hunky elvish prince who has the powerful possible world ending artifact but the problem is like all good short novels, her target is just to cute.....mmmm

I've read all three of the moon trilogy's & this is defiantly my favorite, mostly because of the female lead mirie. I like how there's a little reference to first book & picks up what was left out. But was a bit disappointed there was no real lust or romance going on unlike the other two books, which was a shame because I like this couple the best. Still a good book tho.

Silver Moon:
Silver moon is the nice & tidy ending of the trilogy, jack drake & asta (who we meet in the second book) must find out the mystery of the silver moon while fighting werewolves & dragons and also while desperately trying to keep their hands off each other.....Naughty things.

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