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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Wiccan-Were-Bear Series By R.E. Butler.

~ 4 Stars ~

A Curve of Claw Book #1:

Book Overview: Natural born wicca Elizabeth likes her carefree life just the way it is, filled with seven Equally gorgeous Guards that cater to her every desire sexual or otherwise (even if they don't like sharing).
But what she didn't expect was to be guilted into a binding ceremony in the local were-bear den and tie herself forever to a were-bear as a permanent guard (& more) to help form an allience between the were-bear den & her coven.
So the big question is will she give up the partying & carefree sex? Or will she turn her on the alliance for her own desires, well you'll just have to read find out!

A curve of claw was everything I thought I would be, sexy, fun & just an all round good read. I was tempted tho to give it 3 stars purely because It took me half of the book to get really into, I must admit that's slightly my own fault tho because I am in love with the authors over series The Wolfs Mate which had my drooling for from the start. So that aside the chracters where interesting & well developed for a novella (a fairly decent size Novella) & as always with Butler the writing was second to none with no annoying grammer! Defiantly recommend it & it being a freebie is just an added bonus!

**spoiler** Ok I just have to say this...OMG OMG OMG! I love Ash & Axe but seriously if I had to choose it would be Ash & even tho there identical twins in my mind I made him slightly better looking then Axe. I was secretly thrilled he was the one legally married to Elizabeth, silly I know but I'm not totally on board into the whole threesome/love triangle thing even tho it is quite romantic & different. I'll see how I feel with the second one, maybe it will grow on me. *fingers crossed* **spoiler end**

A Flash of Fang Book #2:

Book Overview: : A Flash of Fang is the follow up novella to A Curve of Claw. Elizabeth, Ash, and Axe are happily married, but Bad dreams keep Elizabeth awake all night & haunt her all day, leaving her with the sense that something dark is to happen. To add to the mix mating season is upon them & Elizabeth can't decided her feeling about having a child & isn't to keen to share her worries with the boys.

A Flash of Fang was enjoyable & I read the whole thing easily in one sitting it had the same fire, passion & fun as the first,I was tempted to bump it up to 4 but in my mind the first was better therefore it got 3 stars.
As I stated in my review of the first book Butler's writing is amazing...I can't get over it, she could write a story with the most boring plot & chracters but still make it woefully interesting (I'm not implying this was boring or anything).
I was a little dissapointed that the relationship didn't build up as much as I expected, I really wanted to read more about Ash & Axe's relationship, as well as Elizabeth & the Boys separately.

A Price for a Princess Book #3:

A Price for a Princess was an enjoyable read, bit more ya then the first 2 in the series but dateon is just 18..so I'll let that pass.
This book is basically made up of a bit of romance, lots of boring walking, unique characters & creatures, some hunky guards (because who doesn't want that) with some tantalizing sex scenes thrown in for good measure
I was a little disappointed mostly because it's was not what I expected **spoiler** at the start I was kinda liking the idea of the to were-bear hunks (even if they had some threesom thing going on) but was then blown away when we ment persesus...I loved Perseus & i mean LOVED! Not sure if its from my the lion, the witch & the wardrobe obsession as a kid, but I love centaures...there so damn sexy! & when he could shift into a human...i nearly drooled all on my ipad.Then it got all weird with ekho half lion half man it's kinda creppy, he sound ok & all but I didn't know where the flesh started & the fur ended... Maybe I'm thinking about this a bit much but what about his ummmm...member would that be hairy??**spoiler end**But hey that's what you want in a book right, twist & turns that you didn't see coming & some you don't want see.....Eva.
All in all ok but not as good as the first to, hopefully the 4th will be a little better.

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